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      Halloo, Trafford! said the young fellow. Im in luck! Whod have thought of seeing you here at this time of day! Have a whisky and soda? Im going to!"No, I don't suppose there is anything that goes home to my heart any more than to other hearts," she said, after a pause, trying to speak carelessly. "We are all sinners. The Gospel teaches us that in every line! We are none of us altogether worthynot even my husband, I suppose, although to me he seems a perfect Christian."

      Do not answer me yet, he said, for I feel that if you[119] were to do so, it would be No; and I want you to say Yes. Shall I take the horses?

      Colonel Disney handed his wife into a station brougham. The two portmanteaux were put upon the roof, and the order was given99, Hans Placefor albeit Mr. Hazelrigg's splendid mansion was described on his cards and his writing-paper as The Towers, it is always as well to have a number for common people to know us by.

      Isola submitted, and sat at her ease upon bright-coloured cushions with an Indian rug spread round her, as idle as if she had been the belle of a Zenana, and read Alastor while the boat sped seaward in the sunshine.But one day she received a letter from her aunt, Mme. de Tess, inviting her to come and live with her at Lowernberg in the canton of Fribourg.

      "If you are really interested in this old house you must come some sunny morning and let Mrs. Mayne show you over it," said Lostwithiel, establishing himself with his cup and saucer upon the other side of the hearth. "She knows all the old stories, and she has a better memory than I."


      She was surrounded by those who talked of virtue, but practised vice; her husband was amongst the most corrupt of that vicious society; they soon ceased to care for each other; and she was young, beautiful, worshipped, with the hot Spanish blood in her veins and all the passion of the south in her nature, what but one result could be expected?


      What! Shall I never see my mistress again?


      Miss Chetwynde! he said, under his breath.